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City of Fontana Banner Program

With the support of our City Mayor, City Council, and City Manager, the Banner Program was created to honor our Fontanians who are currently serving in the United States Armed Forces. 
If you know a Fontana Resident who is currently serving in active duty in the military, we would like to know who they are and recognize them as a part of our City Banner Program. Each active duty individual will be honored with a banner that will include his/her name and branch of service. This banner will be displayed within the City of Fontana. 
To help us continue with the City Banner Program, we appreciate donations of $50.00 per Banner. This dontation is to help off-set the costs of the banner. We thank you for your support  and we thank your family for serving in the military.  
Please note, due to a demand from some of our military families, we have in place the Family Banner Program. Under this program, we are able to print a smaller version of the banner for a donation of $30.00. 

City Banner Program (60" x 24") - Unfortunately, due to budget issues, this banner only recognizes Fontana residents who are currently serving in the military. This banner will be displayed within the City of Fontana. Your $50.00 donation helps off-set costs. 

Family Banner Program (36" x 13") - This banner recognizes Fontana residents who are currently serving OR have previously served in the military. This banner is for families and not displayed within the City of Fontana. Once your banner arrives, we will contact you for pick-up. The $30.00 donation will pay for the costs of the banner.

Please click on the attachment below and bring to our Veterans Resource Center, along with a picture of the Veteran and your donation. 
City Banner Program
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Family Banner Program
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