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Resource Center Campaign
Website Sponsorship Campaign
Online Donations
Dear Donors, 

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you will also take the time to visit our Veterans Resource Center. Contributions are important to us to move forward with our mission. 

Thanks to the support from our city leadership, our many gracious volunteers, our Veterans, and our entire community, the Grand Opening of our Resource Center was a success. Moving forward, our goals, while extremely important, are simple. Overall, our goal is to help and support all Veterans and families in our community. With many Veterans living in our community, and many more expected to return from Iraq and Afghanistan, support to apply for Veterans benefits, PTSD support services, resume building, business services, and partnerships with businesses in our community is imperative, now more than ever. Our long-term goal is to be able to provide housing for our Veterans with the continued support of our local leadership.   

It is our goal that all money received as a contribution go directly towards supporting our Veterans with various services. We aim to minimize all our expenses in order to provide the maximum benefit to our Veterans. Next year, we will be providing financial statements of our organization. These will be available on our website and accessible to the public.  

To provide an array of services, our hope is to partner with various organizations, as well as companies with employment opportunities for Veterans. To accomplish this goal, we need your support. If you are aware of job opportunities, or are in need of immediate talent, whether it's short-term or long-term, please contact us. 

Finally, we are also working on two additional programs to support our families. Since our Grand Opening was in November, and since this calendar year is almost behind us, starting next year we hope to provide some college scholarships to support 
Veterans, or families of Veterans. More information will be provided on our 
website 1st Q next year. Thank you for your support.

We are touched by your kindness to help us achieve our goals and we appreciate your support!  We hope to see you for a tour of our Veterans Resource Center. 


Board of Directors
Veterans Partnering with Communities
This campaign is to support the Grand Opening of our Veteran Resource Center in mid June in Fontana.  Company name & logo  displayed at our Center and website. Information? Email us admin@veterans4communities.org

Your support allows us to update our website and bring current information to our community. Your name & logo will be displayed on our website with a link to your organization. THANK YOU!
Contributions will go towards furniture, software, & supplies. These funds will also be used for our "V4C Holiday Gifts" Program as well as scholarships under our "V4C Education" Program. 

FVRC Needs You!